New Blues Books added

Dienstag, 9. September 2014

Stephen Wade - The Beautiful Music All Around Us - Field Recordings and the American Experience

Debby Wallace - Charlotte`s Home of the Blues 40 Years of the Double Door Inn

This updated edition of the book on the legendary Double Door Inn, now recognized as one of the oldest blues music venues in the United States. The edition features an updated history, new photos of the Charlotte, NC venue, and previously unseen photos of Eric Clapton's 1982 appearance at the venue.

Michael Spörke - Big Mama Thornton The Life and Music

Tony Russell & Chris Smith - The Penguine Guide to Blues Recordings

Randy McNutt - Guitar Town - A Journey to the Crossroads of Rock N Roll

Franck Bergerot - JAZZ

Norman Mauskopf - A Time Not Here

In this, his third book, documentary photographer Norman Mauskopf delves into African-American life in the Mississippi Delta. The book is a revealing chronicle of the shared rural and agricultural community that gave birth to the blues. From the cotton fields to juke-joints, revivals to front-porch get-togethers, Mauskopf's exploration of this tradition-rich culture documents the many ways in which the African-American community has drawn on the past, keeping intact its rituals and a way of life in the American southland. Mauskopf is the author of Rodeo (1985) and Dark Horses (1988).

John Broven - Record Makers and Breakers - Voices of the Independent Rock N Roll Pioneers

Chris Ingham - Billie Holiday

Clinton Heylin - Bootleg - The Rise and Fall of the Secret Recording Industry